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For anyone working near a university campus, the influx of new and returning students is hard to miss. It’s hard to imagine that in the three years prior, national lockdowns closed universities and schools. Staff had to find innovative ways of switching to online teaching but also how to deliver hands on practical experiments to their students – wherever they were in the world.

A variant of highly transmissible Omicron is now dominant worldwide, including in the UK. Roger Highfield, Science Director, talks to Ajit Lalvani of Imperial College London about what to do now that COVID restrictions have been relaxed, tests are no longer free, and we are ‘back to normal’.

The pandemic has alerted the world to the threat of airborne disease. A new study has shown the value of clean air, and also how filtration can curb antibiotic resistance in hospitals. Our Science Director Roger Highfield talks to Cambridge based intensive care consultant, Vilas Navapurkar about its findings.