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Etching of Coronation procession of His Majesty George the Fourth, 1821.

This weekend we celebrate the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey. Inspired by this historic event, we’ve delved into the collection and highlighted what you can see and do this weekend in our museums.

Trainee Assistant Digital Curator, Gabrielle Bryan-Quamina, delves into our collection to tell the story of the Radium Girls, the first casualties of industrial radium poisoning.

The modern-day cosmetic market is vast, with many people following beauty regimes to some degree every single day. This is nothing new, with evidence of embellished looks seen in Egyptian drawings and referenced in the works of Roman philosophers. But throughout history, the search for beauty has come with risks – as far back as in Ancient Egypt the iconic heavy lined eye look was achieved with kohl, a black powder made from galena, a mineral form of lead sulfide.